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Space Cowgirl Western Country Oversized Tee

Space Cowgirl Western Country Oversized Tee

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The "Space Cowgirl" Western Country Oversized Tee effortlessly fuses cosmic elements with Western charm, offering a loose and comfortable fit adorned with creative graphics that transport wearers to the intersection of the celestial and the wild west. With its oversized silhouette and captivating design, this tee becomes a playful and fashionable statement piece, showcasing an adventurous spirit. Whether donned for casual outings or as an expression of individuality, the "Space Cowgirl" Western Country Oversized Tee invites individuals to embrace a whimsical and unique style that transcends traditional fashion boundaries.

  • Style: Casual

  • Print / Pattern: Space Cowgirl

  • Silhouette: T-Shirt

  • Fit: Oversized

  • Embellishment: N/A

  • Neck Line: Round

  • Sleeve: Short

  • Length: 25" and Longer

  • Closure: N/A

  • Lining: N/A

Fabric Contents: Premium Cotton

  • Stretch fabric

  • Non-sheer fabric

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, tumble dry low.

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